Education Solutions

The Current Climate

Currently there is no compliant model for provision of supply teachers in the local market. It is expensive, and slow to fly teachers for short term assignments, and the available personnel in the local market are necessarily background checked and do not have the relevant credentials for working compliantly i.e. Labour Card or Resident Permit.



What can we do?

ARC Group have developed a pool of talent available in the local market and keen for work, both part and full time. This pool of candidates is updated daily and a schedule of available options available at a minute’s notice.

ARC Group are here to HELP and can provide a safe, compliant solution at incredibly short notice. Each Candidate has been interviewed and processed with background security checks to ensure safety in the school Environment. We can mobilize a suitable candidate to site campus in less than 2 hours.

Our Proposition for you

We have fully flexible offering and can accommodate both short and long term urgent requirements and longer term solutions such as maternity cover and long-term illness. We can also accommodate all volumes from fixed monthly retainers through to intermittent one-time requirements.




Our Solution

All of our teachers are qualified and checked for security reasons. Only after completing our rigorous due diligence will they enter the available pool. We have a broad range of nationalities and a healthy mix of discipline specialists available at the push of a button.

We also specialize in permanent recruitment should you have longer term needs of the need of headhunting services and of course, if you like the temporary solution we also have a simple temp-perm mechanism.


If you are a teacher looking for a job, or a school who is in need for part-time or substitute teachers, please fill in the form below so you will be registered Into our system.