ARC Group is an integral part of JMJ Group under the stewardship of Sheikh Jabor Bin Mansour Al Thani. We represent 40 businesses across a variety of sectors ensuring ethical and compliant operations in the state of Qatar. More than simply a partner we actively engage in guiding your strategic development utilizing our extensive network to help in business development, tendering and operational compliance

ARC Group will facilitate the formation of an LLC under the patronage of Sheikh Jabor and will manage the ongoing relationship and business development support. Typically, a 51/49 shareholding is required with the Local Partner holding the 51%. Beyond simply providing a vehicle for business however ARC Group endeavors to create a community of businesses that provide complementary synergies and cross border relationships to enable faster, more sustainable growth

We are not interested in merely collecting companies, it is our mission to grow them and share in their successes. Don’t be offended if we say no, if we don’t feel we are able to contribute significantly enough or there are no synergies to be made with our existing community then we will do our best to point you in the direction of a suitable partner that can