About Us


Our Experience

With over a decade of experience running International businesses in Qatar and the patronage of actively involved Sheikh Jabor Bin Mansour Al Thani, ARC Group offer an unparalleled mix of International experience twinned with local knowledge and networks. We share our passion and experience by helping others and providing a solid platform from which to operate compliantly in the State of Qatar. We only support businesses where we can offer true value add, building a community that provides great synergies.

Our Approach

Collaboration and communication are key. We deliver a thoroughly transparent and open service ensuring that we can add value, assist in key areas of infrastructure, compliance and business development and most importantly have a little fun whilst doing so. Our aim is to build a symbiotic community of businesses who all feed into and support each other. With Sheikh actively involved on a daily basis we offer a rare opportunity to bridge the local and International communities.



Why Us?

“Most people never pick the phone and call. Most people never ask. And that’s what separates the people who do things from the people who just dream about them”

Steve Jobs

Why us? Give us a call and find out for yourself!